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The Stones & Ed Stone

It happened, somewhat out of the blue…Mick had been in for a short visit months before, (during a session with A Foot in Cold Water) looking around at the studio, (and I missed seeing him then…) then Eddie Kramer drops in unexpectedly on one of my late night training sessions…. So, one night, not too much later, the studio owner, Jeff Smith, says Ed… .” stay on later tonight..meaning REALLY late, as sessions routinely went late)… I may be back with some guests” .. So about 3-4 am or so , in walks Eddie Kramer with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman ,Ronnie Woods and Charlie Watts in tow…Ian Stewart as road manager as well.

It was an amazing spectacle to me , and even though I was `starstruck“ I had to give Eddie the in and outs of the control room as my boss watched , and converse with members of the band about the merits of the studio…Mick was concerned about (mostly) the quality of the equipment we had ( which was state of the art), Keith asked about the recording room, or studio space, and I don`t recall speaking with Ronnie, Bill or Charlie at that time. We started recording about 12 hours later


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