Headphones & Accs. - Ed's Insights

“The popularity of headphones continues to rise, and modern systems can now bring the listener studio quality sound in a lightweight portable package.”

Insights to consider

1)Headphones, like speakers, come in a variety of styles, and some need more power than others, so be sure to  properly match your headphones to your amplifier to ensure you will have adequate power to make your ‘phones sound their best.’  Our staff can guide you to the best combinations.

2)There are over-ear, on-ear and in-ear styles, as well as open or closed back headphones, all giving different levels of isolation from the outside world. Closed back or over-ear models may be best if you use your headphones on public transit or in busy areas, as sound quality will be the best and you will not annoy others with the sound leaking from your headphones.

3)Dedicated headphone amplifiers are ideal to get the best sound from any headphone. These products can often be set up to match the characteristics of your headphones, ensuring you get the best performance out of them.


Grado RS2e Headphones


We provide spare parts and service for all the brands of headphones we carry.