Integrated Amplifiers - Ed's Insights

“ Integrated amplifiers can be a way to achieve excellent sound without taking out a mortgage.  Integrated Amps should combine a great amp and a quiet, clean preamp.”

Insights to consider

1) An Integrated amplifier‘s specifications and performance can often rival those of separate components.

2) Integrated amps save space as well as money spent on interconnects for separates.

3) The power output wattage of an integrated amp may be a limiting factor, so be sure to purchase an integrated amp with all the wattage that you feel you may need. 

4) A complete set of features such as phono input, tone controls, built in DAC, etc. will save money in the long run.executive-stereo-unison-research -secondo-stereo-integrated-amplifier

Unison Research Secondo Stereo Integrated Amplifier


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