Record Care - Ed's Insights

“ The sound of a pristine record is like heaven to the vinyl lover’s ears!”

Insights to consider

1)A record can only sound it’s best when it is clean and free of static.

2)There are many different products available to keep your vinyl collection clean.  Someone who owns a smaller, new vinyl collection may need only an anti-static brush and a stylus cleaner.

3)Larger more extensive vinyl collections consisting of new and used vinyl will benefit from a record cleaning machine, the best of which uses ultrasonic waves to clear the ground-in dirt from used records and keep new records in pristine condition.

4)It’s a good idea to replace old inner sleeves with new clean sleeves and to purchase outer sleeves to protect the look of your record’s jackets.


executive-stereo-audio-desk -pro-record-cleaning-machine


Audio Desk PRO Record Cleaning Machine



We carry and service many brands of record cleaning systems, as well as offer a record cleaning service.