Turntables & Phono Preamps - Ed's Insights

“ There is nothing like listening to vinyl on a fine turntable with a quality phono preamp.”

Insights to consider

1)  Listening to a vinyl record seems to bring the artist‘s intent more fully into your     consciousness.

2)  A phono preamplifier should compliment rather than inhibit or disguise the true sound of your records.

3)  Playing a vinyl record has more of a visceral impact for the listener at any given volume than digital sound seems to.

4)  The ability to alter your turntable‘s sound through cartridge changes, alignment adjustments, and tonearm swaps is one of the vinyl enthusiasts‘ greatest assets.

5)  A turntable‘s tonearm can have a huge effect on the final sound produced by the table.

executive-stereo-project -debut-carbon-dc-turntable

Project Debut Carbon DC


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