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Doing a session with a new band...

I was working with a new Capitol records artist, who were then called Tokyo, but turned into "Glass Tiger'' , and during one of the recording sessions, it was decided that a "door slamming" sound effect was needed. Now most professional studio entrance doors do not "slam". They are profoundly weighted and heavy and close very silently. So, I needed to find a door to "slam" for my artist and producer. I decided on the door to the tape library, at the very rear of the studio, near the loading bay, as this was Triumph's "Metalworks" studio, which needed loading bays to move the band's gear in and out for touring purposes. This  door, was the door to the tape library where all the studios' tapes were stored, .Lots of master tapes, lots of irreplaceable material was housed in this area....(because it was cooler ,and less humid than other areas of the building)., but it was not a heavily weighted door. I put a microphone close enough outside the door to get a good "slam " sound effect , but it didn't sound full enough...So I moved the mic inside the tape library and had  Mike, the drummer from the band, try it again, and he slammed  the door, really hard,  and voila, we had the sound! 

I told him great , we finally have it ,  over his headphone feed, and he then told us he couldn't get out of the tape library....he had slammed the door  so hard , that it had broken the door jamb, and he was stuck in there....two hours later, (poor guy, apologies again Mike)  after I had tried to free him many different ways, I finally called a locksmith, (at 2 in the morning!) and 1 hour later he was released from tape library hell....Just of bit of my time, (and the band's) in the studio, that I won't ever forget. 


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