Pre Amplifiers - Ed's Insights

“ A truly fine preamplifier has no sound of it’s own – it’s just the portal through which the music flows.”

Insights to consider

1) Look for the preamp model that has all the features and inputs you desire.  It can get expensive adding an extra device at a later date, (such as a phono preamp) when you consider that you will have to purchase interconnects as well.

2) Conversely, if you do not need a lot of bells and whistles, why pay for them – purchase something that is good quality, but simple.

3) A preamp/amp combination will almost always have better noise and distortion specifications than an integrated amp or receiver.

4) Modern preamps can provide all the functionality of several components, as they may have DACs, phono preamps, streamers,  USB inputs and other facilities built into them.

executive-stereo-simaudio-moon -evolution-740p-preamplifier
Simaudio MOON Evolution 740P Preamp



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