Phono Cartridges & Accs.

“Phonograph cartridges release the music hidden within the grooves of the music lover’s vinyl collection.”

     Insights to consider

    1)Phono cartridges come in a huge variety of quality and price ranges, allowing the vinyl lover to match their cartridge to their playback system with ease.

    2)The 2 main types of phono cartridges are the Moving Magnet Cartridge and the Moving Coil Cartridge.   In most cases, the stylus or needle on a moving magnet cartridge is replaceable when worn out, whereas, with a moving coil cartridge, the whole cartridge must be replaced when the stylus is worn.

    3)Moving magnet cartridges can range in price from under $100  to several hundreds of dollars. Moving Coil cartridges, by contrast, are often hand made by artisans, and can cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

    4)Stylus force gauges, stylus cleaners, cartridge alignment protractors, anti-static guns and many other accessories are all part of the arsenal of today’s vinyl enthusiast.


    executive-stereo-benz-micro -ace-phono-cartridges


    Benz Micro Ace Phono Cartridges


    Re-tipping and replacement services are available, as well as cartridge alignment and turntable setups.