Power Conditioners & Cords - Ed's Insights

“ The quality of the power used to drive your system must be very high in order to derive the best sound from your components.”

Insights to consider

1)Power conditioners and after market power cords can have a huge impact in improving the sound of ANY audio/video system.

2)Power conditioning can start with something as simple as improving the quality of your AC wall sockets.

3)Cheap generic power bars or computer power bars can actually have a detrimental effect on the sound of your system. You should use power bars designed for sound systems only.

4)Today‘s power conditioners can regenerate new ultra clean AC,  isolate and clean your system from outside noise and distortion and prevent power surges or brownouts from damaging your components.

5)Upgrading the power cord on even one key component in your system will result in drastically improved sound.

executive-stereo-nordost -qb4-powercord
Nordost QB4 AC Distributor


We offer several brands of power conditioning models and aftermarket power cords.