Brands - Ed's Insights

Audeze - Connects You To The Music!

“Planar Headphone Technology for the discerning listener”


  • Planars overcome many limitations inherent in typical cone drivers delivering less distortion and a purer overall musical presentation.
  • All Audeze headphones are super comfortable and have an "all-enveloping” sound.
  • Some models with the lightning connector may incorporate a Cipher cable with a built-in 24 bit DAC which replaces the DAC in an iPhone, for far superior sound.




Audio Desk - Musically and Sonically Stunning Results!

“The Rolls Royce of record cleaning machines”


  • The ultrasonic method cleans better than any other method.
  • Fully automatic – press one button and walk away. Complete in approximately 6 minutes. 
  • This is one of the quietest record cleaning machines available.  We use this machine every day!




Audiovector - Stylish Looks From Denmark

“Quality sound, low price!”


  • Fast, tight sound with full deep bass that will have your foot tapping right away.
  • Furniture quality cabinets in a variety of finishes that will maintain “harmony”  at home.
  • Don’t tell your friends how much they cost- let them think you spent thousands more!




Benz Micro - Advanced, Hand Built Cartridges

“Swiss Moving Coil Masterpieces!”


  • Swiss quality and precision allow these cartridges to reproduce all the musical information the record grooves hold.
  • Micro and macro dynamics are all revealed effortlessly.
  • You lose yourself in the music with these cartridges!




Black Diamond Sound Enhancement Equipment - Made in U.S.A

"Hear the difference"


  • Helps to remove vibration from your system's components resulting in clearer, punchier sound.
  • Improves soundstage and focus.
  • Proprietary technology combines military spec, aerospace grade carbon fiber with state of the art compounds, creating products highly resistant to resonance.
  • For use under any component or speaker.



Cambridge Audio - Designed & Engineered in England

“Affordable entry level audiophile gear”


  • Manufactures a large variety of components, from phono preamps to network streamers. 
  • English design and engineering with Asian manufacturing mean true audiophile sound at a very reasonable price.
  • Cambridge delivers a punchy, clean sound from their amps and integrated amps.




Cardas - Legendary Craftsmanship

“Quality construction and sound made in U.S.A.”


  • Full bodied sound with no listener fatigue-inducing harshness.
  • Cardas cables impart none of their own sound to your music.
  • Cardas employs ultra pure copper Litz wire in their cables.
  • Listening through Cardas cables is like hearing golden, liquid sunshine!




Chord Electronics - Designed & Manufactured in England

“Studio quality sound for your listening room”


  • Truly state of the art DAC‘s even in their least expensive models.
  • All DAC‘s are designed in house and use Chord‘s own chips and proprietary circuits to produce a truly magical sound.
  • Their components are made with rugged metal casing on the portable models and heavy duty metal chassis on all in home amps, preamps, streamers and DAC‘s.



Devialet - Ultra Dense Sound!!

“Unique music systems without equal”


  • Devialet has received dozens of patents for the circuits used in their Expert Pro Music Systems, as well as their Phantom Speaker/Amplifier Music Systems.
  • WiFi streaming, SAM Speaker Matching, Phono Cartridge Matching, and ADH (analogue/digital hybrid) amplifier circuits are all built into the Devialet Expert Pro series to deliver amazing sound quality with no distortion.
  • Phantom speakers incorporate WiFi, Bluetooth, ADH and SAM, as well as amplifiers delivering totally distortion free sound with output power at 900, 3000 and a whopping 4500 watts!



DynaVector - Exceptional Japanese Moving Coil Cartridges

“High quality handmade cartridges”


  • These highly regarded cartridges cover a variety of price ranges and offer an excellent value/performance ratio.
  • High output models do not require the use of step-up transformers leaving more cash in your pocket to buy more records!
  • The reproduced sound is never harsh or edgy, but detailed, smooth and non fatiguing.
  • Bring your vinyl to life with Dynavector!




EAR Yoshino - Made in England Since 1976

“Exceptional hand crafted classics”


  • Founder Tim DePavaracinni has designed products for QUAD, Luxman and many others. He established EAR/Yoshino after numerous requests from audiophiles that he bring out his own line of products.
  • Their hand wound transformers are one of the keys to the stunning sound of EAR/Yoshino amps and preamps.
  • Music is reproduced in a very real and natural manner allowing the listener to be immersed in the music.
  • EAR DAC‘s & CD players use tubes in the output stage to deliver a smooth, expansive, yet detailed sound.




HANA Cartridges - Noted worldwide for their sound and value.

"Hana, which means “brilliant and gorgeous” in the original Japanese."


  • Hana Cartridges are very quiet, with surface noise kept to a minimum.
  • Soundstage and imaging are on par with some of the best cartridges out there.
  • A comparatively small investment for a cartridge of this sound quality.




Harmonic Resolution Systems - Superior Isolation Products & Stands

“Allow your system to reach its full potential!”


  • High quality stands and shelving units reduce unwanted vibrations allowing audio equipment to deliver their best performance.
  • Aerospace technologies and materials are applied in all stand/shelf designs. HRS products are modular and can be added to as your space needs increase.
  • You owe it to yourself to hear your music on an HRS stand!

Innuos Music Servers & Electronics - Well Crafted with Exceptional Reliability

"Easy to use, well designed interfaces."


  • Well built, solid, no nonsense design.
  • Fast, stable and responsive.
  • Proprietary app is easy to understand and use. (Innuos Sense)


Joseph Audio - Bring Great Music Back to Life!

“Speakers from Long Island, N.Y.”


  • All Joseph Audio speakers allow the listener to hear deep into the music, with no fatique. Joseph uses their own special design modifications for their outsourced drivers.
  • These speakers have received numerous awards and accolades from the audio press and with good reason.
  • We feel there are very few speakers better than these, at ANY price!


Kii Audio 

"Not your father's speakers"


  • Embodies a design philosophy that originated in pro audio and uses modern digital signal processing (DSP).
  • The Kii Threes are an all in one music system crammed full of tech.
  • The only loudspeakers that will work in any listening room regardless of surfaces, hard or soft.
  • Totally transparent sound with the ultimate in accuracy!


Martin Logan - North American Made for over 25 years

"Recreates sound in it's truest form" 


  • Elegant sound and stylish design.
  • Best known for their electrostatic loudspeakers giving improved transparency to your sound.
  • Most designs utilize powered subwoofers.



McIntosh - State of the art Audio/Video Equipment for almost 70 years

“There is NOTHING like a McIntosh”


  • McIntosh offers superb build quality allowing musical enjoyment for a lifetime.
  • McIntosh products incorporate a thick glass faceplate to preserve the look of the unit for decades, and help maintain resale value.
  • The McIntosh “house sound“ is a big, full powerful wall of sound, from both their tube and solid state products.




Melco Audio - Award Winning Music Libraries

“Japanese made high quality music libraries, designed for audio”


  • In comparison to computer hard drives, Melco Audio drives deliver a far superior sound in terms of musicality, rhythm, pace and tonality.
  • Melco build quality is second to none resulting in great product longevity.
  • Your music can be played back with or without the use of a computer from Melco drives!



Mobility Fidelity - Outstanding Turntables Manufactured in the U.S.

“High value and quality”


  • Offer exceptional performance and value at a very reasonable price.
  • Packages can  include a first-rate moving magnet cartridge which delivers vinyl playback fit for a connaisseur!
  • Mobile Fidelity manufactures high quality vinyl accessories as well. 

Nagaoka Phono Cartridges - Fine Quality from Japan

"Great performance to price ratio."

  • Very detailed sound, but not overly bright.
  • Precision craftmanship.
  • Excellent value


Nordost Cables - Lets Your System Sing!

“Top tier cables to improve ANY system”


  • Totally designed and manufactured in the U.S.
  • These cables allow your system to deliver it‘s the best performance.
  • State of the art power conditioning and isolation products too !
  • The technologies used in Nordost cables were originally designed for the aerospace and medical technology industries.




Nitty Gritty - Get More Music & Less Noise!

“Preserve your record’s sound with these fine machines."


  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S. since 1981.
  • Incorporates a fluid-based cleaning followed by vacuum suction debris removal, leaving your vinyl pristine.
  • Manual and automatic models available, though the automatic machines require far less effort from the user.

Oracle Audio - Awesome Canadian Turntables!

“Canadian made excellence”


  • World class turntables from a passionate, dedicated company.
  • Fit and finish are truly second to none. One listen and I guarantee that you will be a fan !
  • Model costs range from about three thousand to almost twenty thousand for a full blown Delphi MKVI that sounds incredible! 




Ortofon Phono Cartirdges - Cartridges & Accessories From a World Famous Company.

“World famous cartridges and accessories from Denmark.”


  • Manufacturer of a variety of cartridges at all price points.
  • Ortofon delivers the ultimate in musicality and detail.
  • Offers turntable and vinyl setup tools as well! Ortofon is the cartridge of choice for vinyl music lovers all over the world.




Pro-ject Audio Systems - Turntables & Electronics

“European made turntables providing excellent value.”


  • Value and performance make Pro-ject turntables incredibly popular.
  • Carbon Fibre tonearms are found on most models and deliver stunning sonic benefits.
  • Audiophile sound quality at a budget price!
  • Box Design electronics deliver awesome sound in a tiny package.



PS Audio - Hand Built With Dedication & Passion.

“Quality Power conditioners and electronics from Boulder, Colorado”


  • A company that delivers high-quality products at reasonable prices.
  • All systems sound better with a power conditioner from PS Audio.
  • PS Audio DAC’s and transports will deliver your music with detail and rich harmonic texture. 

Quadraspire Audio & Speaker Stands - Made in England

"Affordable and Stylish"


  • Helps to open the soundstage and improve the dynamics of your system.
  • Quadraspire allows you to build and specify your own configuration. You can choose the colour, the number of shelves, the height of the columns dividing each shelf and the colour of the columns.
  • This is quality modular furniture designed around a lightweight, rigid design philosophy.



SBooster Power Supplies - Premium Power Supplies

"Throw your wall wart power supply away."

  • Noticeably improved performance in harmonic realism , increased resolution,  and blacker backgrounds.
  • Exceptional value for the money.
  • Precision craftsmanship.


Simaudio MOON - Musical Reproduction Conveying Emotion At It’s Best.

“World famous Audio components made in Canada!”


  • Music is a joy to listen to using Simaudio products.
  • The detail and tonal richness are delivered in spades with power and speed.
  • The 10 Years electronics warranty gives you peace of mind.
  • Sonics and build quality are famous the world over!




Spendor Audio - Superbly Built Loudspeakers from the U.K.

“Truly  enjoyable speakers at a reasonable price”


  • Spendor speakers are never fatiguing, but always immersive and beguiling.
  • First rate build quality and sound will ensure you enjoy Spendor speakers for a very long time.
  • Spendor makes all types of music truly come alive!




Spin Clean - Made in U.S.A. since 1975

  "Make your old records sound brand new again"


  • Clean records improve the analogue experience dramatically!
  • Inexpensive and easy to use.
  • The results speak for themselves - Less noise equals greater clarity in your records.



Tivoli Audio - High-Quality Sound

“Quality music systems in small packages”


  • Tivoli products are simple to use and deliver excellent sound quality.
  • Tivoli provides quality construction and musical reproduction at a very reasonable price.
  • Tivoli incorporates new technologies into tried and true products.




Torus - Canadian Manufacturer of Fine Power Conditioning Products Using Patented Technology

“Performs and protects like no other”


  • Transformers are manufactured in-house and are world famous for their quality.
  • Provides more dynamic range for superior audio performance.
  • Protects your equipment with exceptional surge protection.
  • Torus Power Units offer higher power capability and run quiet!

Triangle - Exceptional Quality From France For Over 35 Yrs.

“A music lover's delight"                            


  • A reasonably priced speaker range with a thoroughly modern sound.
  • Provides more dynamic range for superior audio performance.
  • Each component is designed, engineered and developed by Triangle Engineers.
  • Beautiful cabinetry with the finest woodworking.



Unison Research - Fine Tube and Hybrid Amplifiers & Electronics

“Musical Joy from Italy”


  • Unison Research hydrid and  tube components and amplifiers grab the listener and demand to be heard.
  • Music flows from these products with sensual texture and ease.
  • Beautiful construction and style make Unison Research products real winners.