Amplifiers - Ed's Insights

“ A great amplifier will give you goosebumps – an average amplifier will leave you cold.”

Insights to consider

1) It‘s always a good idea to have a more powerful amp than you think you will ever need as it will actually make your music sound better at lower volumes, not just give you louder volume levels overall.

2) A 200 watt amplifier will not play twice as loud as a 100 watt amplifier. A doubling of output power results in only a 3 decibel increase in perceived loudness. Therefore, you may need a lot more wattage than anticipated for very high levels of undistorted sound.

3) Tube amplifiers may have some less appealing specifications (i.e. distortion) than solid state amplifers, but often sound more lifelike and spacious than transistors.

4) Most amplifiers need a lot of space around them for proper ventilation to prevent overheating, (especially tube amplifiers) so take this into account when planning the layout of your system. 


executive-stereo-mcintosh-mc152 -stereo-amplifier
McIntosh MC 152  Stereo Amplifier



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