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Reminders of my years with Triumph

I have lately received  a number of phone calls and emails saying " ...saw you in the Triumph documentary on Crave TV "...so I thought I'd reminisce for a little about that period in my recording career..... I was lucky enough to work with the famous Canadian hard rock trio, Triumph,  for many years. The band opened a recording studio called the Metalworks in the early 80s to produce their own recordings, plus would rent out the studio to other recording acts when they were away on tour. It was a world class studio, outfitted with almost all  of the most desirable recording tools of the time. I started at the studio as chief recording engineer, and took on many varied and interesting projects during my 8 years at Metalworks. Aside from engineering the Triumph albums during that period, I was also thrilled to work  with such recording engineer/producer legends as Eddie Kramer, Mike Clink, Eddy Offord, David Tickle and many many others while working on albums for Red Rider, Platinum Blonde, Glass Tiger, Kickaxe, Ronnie Hawkins, Haywire , Ani Difranco plus many more  and of course the Triumph albums. To say it was an amazing and crazy period in my recording career is putting it very lightly. From Steve Morse to  Alex Lifeson, Tom Cochrane to Gil Moore, Rick Derringer to Rik Emmett, it was all incredible musicians , all the time! Every day I would go into the studio and be blessed to see some of the best musicians of the day displaying their talents and I was in the very best spot to hear them ..behind a world class recording console with an amazing speaker monitoring system ! Absolutely some of the best days of my life in music were spent at the Metalworks.







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