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Reference speakers like the Kii 3

I don't write blog posts about products  we sell, because it seems like another blatant advertisement ..there are enough of those everywhere ! However , we have a new product that needs an in depth explanation of what it is...and isn't.  An advertisement can't tell you that..or if it did you wouldn't read it because it would be too lengthy.

In the recording studio for nearly 25 years, I used mostly the Yamaha NS10, or NS 10 Pro monitors mounted on top of the console for "nearfield" monitors...these are STILL in widespread use...these are TERRIBLE speakers. Overly bright ,ear fatiguing , compressed, bass light and hard to listen to are all good descriptions of these speakers..yet they were the standard monitors engineers used for thousands of popular, best selling albums...it was just the way it was, and it will never be explained to my satisfaction why we used these things, (maybe they were cheap, light to carry around...I don't know..)...Fast forward 35 years or so, and now we have the Kii 3 reference speakers in our store....these are the total opposite of the NS 10 s....Rich, punchy, expressive, expansive, easy to listen to for hours on end, and still as accurate as only the best studio monitors have ever been. This is what computer aided design and over 30 years of advancements in materials and forward thinking will get you. This product is not inexpensive, but considering all the technology and expertise built in..they are a stone cold bargain! Self powered, (built in amplification) with room correction digital processing built in, and ready for analog and digital inputs, these ground breaking products are not for everyone, (just music lovers looking for the ultimate in recorded musical accuracy)  but I promise that should you come by to check them out, you will hear something that every recording engineer on the planet would have given his left earlobe for back in the day......they are that good. Period.


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