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Recording a Stone

Live shows are not the easiest for performers..the Stones included.During our after hours listening sessions , Bill and Charlie both told me they couldn’t hear what Mick was saying during their 2 shows at the El Mocambo dates, and just guessed at the upcoming piece they were to play, ( the audience  was SO loud and raucous that)  even when  Keith or Ronnie or Billie Preston started the song, they were still unsure as to what it was..

I remember Mick telling the band ( during one of the tapes, on stage , quietly as possible, here’s the song, EAG, Double Track on G )..or something like that …they couldn’t hear themselves and that is  the point…  both made some unusual mistakes in songs they’d played for a very long time……So  Jeff , Bill , myself and Eddie,  started to fix some of Bill’s  minor miscues during the shows..We would repair bass mistakes with Bill sitting in the control room, with a direct feed, fixing rough spots in the performances, nothing serious, just a note or two in a few songs.. ,

But I remember he was very meticulous in wanting to get it ” right” in terms of “feel” and sound…Eddie Kramer worked extremely  hard to get this right…I was very impressed at the dedication they showed in preserving the “live performance ” aspect of these small repairs to an awesome event, and spent about 7 hours doing so. (As I was a rookie..It thought this was the “normal” way of doing things..)  . So, many years after , on the Canadian recording scene, I realized it wasn’t…but that’s another story..maybe for another blog.


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