Cambridge Audio Azur 751R V2 7.1 Audiophile A/V Receiver

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Cambridge Audio has always had a passion for sound quality, and this is where the 751R stands head and shoulders above the competition. Utilizing over 40 years of experience in the production of award winning amplifiers, Cambridge Audio truly believes... Read More
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Cambridge Audio has always had a passion for sound quality, and this is where the 751R stands head and shoulders above the competition. Utilizing over 40 years of experience in the production of award winning amplifiers, Cambridge Audio truly believes the new 751R to be its best sounding AV receiver to date. Key to this claim are the 751R’s seven 120 Watt audiophile grade fully discrete amplifiers which are kept separate from the processing and input stages and feature a substantial power supply and an oversize low flux toroidal transformer. This careful design of the amplifier stages ensures that the 751R can replicate the dynamics and scale required for the most demanding movie soundtracks whilst also being able to reproduce a genuinely musical performance with either stereo or multi-channel music sources. Every part of the 751R has been carefully designed to offer the ultimate in audio performance. From the ultra rigid, acoustically dampened chassis, right down to the critical selection of each individual component, no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of audio heaven from an AV receiver.

Power when you need it
Cambridge Audio has always used ‘real world’ power ratings, which detail the maximum power output when all channels in an amplifier are driven. Unlike some other companies, who may use flattering figures into low impedances or with only some channels driven to exaggerate the claimed performance of their amplifier stages, the 751R can deliver a true 120 watts from all 7 channels, which will blow the competition out of the water, and makes the 751R the most powerful AV receiver in its class! 

A great sound for any environment
The 751R is also the first Cambridge Audio receiver to feature Audyssey 2EQ room equalization, with a supplied microphone for extremely quick and easy installation. Also with Audyssey Perfect Volume, the sound is fully tailored to fit your listening environment perfectly, so that you can hear music and movies just as the artists and directors intended.  The 751R uses three full DSP stages: a Texas Instruments twin DSP chipset provides multichannel decoding in core one and then full post-processing (including room EQ and volume equalization) in core two. Finally, a third Analog Devices DSP up-samples all audio signals to 24-bit/192kHz. For movies and TV shows, the 751R supports all of the latest surround CODECs, and can fully decode all HD audio soundtracks over both PCM and Bitstream. 
In addition, the Analog Devices DSP running Anagram Technologies Q5 suppresses jitter whilst up-sampling all audio signals to 24-bit/192 kHz, for the ultimate in low jitter, high quality sound. For computer audio, a USB input is capable of accepting 24-bit/96kHz files from any connected computer, to provide ‘better than CD' sound quality. 

Cutting edge
As well as great sound, the 751R is full of cutting edge video technology too: The 751R boasts 6 HDMI inputs, and 2 outputs, which can send the same output signal to multiple displays. All incoming video signals can be scaled to1080p by a high quality Anchor Bay ABT2010 scaler, to ensure that all video signals are output in the highest possible quality, to complement the high quality audio! And completing the perfect picture, LipSync audio delay means the user can simply adjust for processing delays in the source or TV, to provide trouble free viewing. 

Big power from a small package
To extract such high levels of performance from a compact unit is no mean feat. Another crucial aspect of the 751R’s audiophile pedigree is Cambridge Audio’s "X-Tract", a proprietary forced convection heat tunnel. This revolutionary design allows the 751R to remain cool and silent whilst operating at the highest possible levels of power and performance.

Features and Specifications:

  • USB Audio In: Yes - 24-bit/96kHz
  • HDMI Connections: 6 (in) 2 (out)
  • Audio Upsampling Analog Devices: 192 kHz upsampling
  • Built in Tuner FM (with RDS), AM
  • Presets: 20 per band
  • No. of Amplifier Channels: 7
  • Two channels driven (Stereo Mode) 2 x 140W into 8 ohms
  • All channels driven 7 x 120W into 8 ohms
  • THD at 1kHz 8Ω load 10 watts <0.005%
  • THD at 20kHz 8Ω load 10 watts <0.05%
  • THD at preamp outputs <0.009%
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 50 kHz -0.3dB.
  • Signal to noise ratio: (re 1w output) >90dB
  • Video Scaler: Anchor Bay ABT2020
  • Audio Decoding Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby
  • Digital EX, Dolby ProLogic II/IIx/Iiz, DTS
  • HD, DTS Master Audio, DTS ES
  • Disctrete/Matrix, DTS Neo6, DTS 24/96,
  • Autosetup: Yes
  • Room EQ: Audyssey 2EQ perfect volume
  • Lip sync/HDMI AutoLipSync: Yes
  • DTS Speaker Re-Map: Yes
  • RS-232C: Yes
  • IR Emitter Out: Yes (3)
  • DC Trigger Output (DC 12V): Yes (2)
  • Bi-Amp Drive Capability: Yes
  • W x H x D (mm): 425 x 150 x 420
  • Weight:  16 Kg
  • Available in Black or Silver
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